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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The issue in hand!

I'd raised the following issues for the Head of UMNO Machang, Kelantan (hopefully) to raise them thru' UMNO's hierarchy right to the Cabinet : 

1] The 1% new charges (as announced by the PM) which many thought as across the board and retrospectives to the date when charges incurred were not so, students have to apply to get PTPTN approval of charging 1%, there are cases where approval is not granted. 

2]PTPTN has a habit of issuing lawyer's letter of demand and charge for the cost to the students (MACC should go in to check, if done on many students, if there kickbacks that may be sizable). 

3]After getting a court order where 8% should be charged on outstanding balance of loan, PTPTN wanted to charge 8% on the original loan as long as the loan is still remains outstanding.

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