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Monday, August 27, 2012

Deputy premier: university fees abolished

Apa kita nak dengar : Oops ini bukan di Malaysia?

Deputy premier: university fees abolished

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and government spokesman Bulent Arinc said that university fees were abolished

27 August 2012 21:15 (Last updated 27 August 2012 21:19) | ANKARA
Following Council of Ministers meeting on Monday, Arinc told reporters that fees for university students had been lifted, adding that fees were also abolished in open plan schools. A total of 1,524,380 students in universities as well as 1,951,494 students in open plan schools will directly benefit from this new situation as of 2011-2012 education year, he added.
The decision will be issued in the Official Gazette on Tuesday, said Arinc.

.try a car salesman, it's not easy - involved the ministry of transport directly, why can't they make it 1 car per OKU, i just cannot understand - who finance it doesnot (should not matter), (have a more flexi financing facility, say) can even take a car loan (or under guaranteed) by own kids or near relative?

I am sick of M'sia being a Negara 1Off & Negara Rayuan? We lost our sense of due 'rights'. Just like the announcement of 1% charge for PTPTN loans - it's NOT automatic & across the board, which RTM & TV3 make it sounds like. The procedures are lengthy & tiresome - it's sickening!

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